Walk in the Footsteps of Crazy Horse


See & Experience

the Land Where Crazy Horse

Lived, Fought, and Died.



You will be guided on your tour by

Dave Wooten, author of

Crazy Horse:

Where My Dead Lie Buried.

Who is Crazy Horse?

Tasunka Witco, Crazy Horse, is considered to be the greatest of all Lakota warriors. Along with Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse led the Lakota warriors that defeated George Armstrong Custer and his 7th Cavalry at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Crazy Horse defied the U.S. Army and fought to keep them from taking his homeland and forcing him and his people onto a reservation.

New Crazy Horse Book

Crazy Horse: Where My Dead Lie Buried is the story of the last days of the Lakota war chief Crazy Horse. The book chronicles the Lakota leader from the Battle of the Little Bighorn until his death 14 months later at Camp Robinson, Nebraska. It is an accurate account of a brave husband, warrior, and leader who is fighting the U.S. Army to keep his people free. 

Take a Crazy Horse Tour

Our tour of the ‘Lands of Crazy Horse’ will allow you to see and experience the places that were significant in the life of Crazy Horse. We will visit famous locations like the Little Bighorn Battlefield, Fort Robinson (where he died), Fort Phil Kearny, and the Crazy Horse Memorial, where they are carving his likeness today right into the mountainside.