There are hundreds of books out there that cover the topic of Crazy Horse. While working on my book Crazy Horse: Where My Dead Lie Buried, I read dozens of books on the Lakota leader and the Indian Wars. It’s a topic for me that never grows old. If you’re interested in the subject of Crazy Horse, here’s 3 Crazy Horse books that I believe are essential:


5 – The Death of Crazy Horse compiled and edited by Richard Hardorff. The book is a terrific collection of interviews with people who interacted with Crazy Horse. William Garnett (a translator at Camp Robinson), He Dog (Crazy Horse’s best friend), and Horn Chips (a friend and medicine man of the Lakota leader) all give firsthand accounts of the Lakota leader. The book also includes newspaper stories and official Army documents pertaining to Crazy Horse.

4 – To Kill an Eagle by Edward Kadlecek and Mabell Kadlecek. This work is by authors who knew many of the people who were alive during the time of Crazy Horse. It concentrates mostly on the last days of Crazy Horse, offering interesting insight on the Lakota leader and also on the last sun dance held by Crazy Horse.

3 – The Killing of Crazy Horse by Thomas Powers. An extensive work that focuses mainly on the killing of Crazy Horse. It serves as both a biography and also a snapshot into the Indian Wars and the Lakota leader’s final months at Camp Robinson. It’s a great read.

2 – The Journey of Crazy Horse by Joseph M. Marshall. Marshall is a writer and historian, who is also a Brule Lakota. His book offers great insight into Crazy Horse from a Lakota perspective. The book made me feel like I was getting an inside view of Crazy Horse.

1 – Crazy Horse: A Lakota Life by Kingsley Bray. Considered by most to be the definitive work on the life of Crazy Horse. It is a comprehensive account of Crazy Horse and covers his life from birth to death. Bray’s timelines and notes make this a must read for anyone who wants to learn all they can about Crazy Horse. Kingsley was nice enough to let us interview him about his book and Crazy Horse, which you can listen to here on the website.